Sunday, October 7, 2007

Memior Week 3 Part 1


So they left Battle Mountain to move to Phoenix to live in their late grandma's house. For once in their lives they are not worrying about money, they had just received the inheritance that their grandma had left behind. Also her dad has a job that was bringing in a steady amount of money as a electrician. They were going to school and all of the three kids were in enriched reading groups. Also this town had more things to do including going to the library, civic center and playing in the stores. One day when their dad came home from work with new toy and bikes for all of them. They also had new things they had never had before including a washing machine and telephone. One incident that happened while Jeannette was sleeping was a man came in her room during the middle of the night and tried to rape her. Her father was out for the night and her mom slept like a rock so she and Brian took a bat and beat him till he ran out the door. One day her dad came home drunk and took her to the city zoo. He was telling her about how bad the zoo and how they keep all of the animals locked up. Then her dad bought some popcorn and was feeding it to the cheetahs and soon enough was inside the cage with the cheetahs. Soon enough they drew a crowd and a security guard took her dad away. Just after that her dad lost his job once again and grandma's inheritance money had seemed to disappear. Food became scarce and Brian and her would go to the dumpsters and eat the chocolates out of boxes in the dumpsters. Her mother started shoplifting clothes for the Maureen. On Christmas day they bought a tree for a dollar and decorated with all of their grandma's ornaments. Then that night her drunk father light the tree on fire and it burned all of their gifts under it and he started laughing. She turned 10 while living in Phoenix and her dad asked what she wanted for her birthday and she wanted him to stop drinking. So for the next couple of weeks her father stayed in his bedroom and tied himself to his bed to help fight his demons and to stop drinking. Soon after that their dad wanted to take them on a trip to the Grand Canyon. They packed up the car and started on their trip. While they were driving out their the car broke down. They had to hitch hike their way back home and had to leave everything behind in the car. Her parents kept getting into violent fights, which usually started when her dad came home drunk. The family was going through a hard time and her mom thought it would be a good idea to move to West Virgina where her dad's parents lived. They had to buy a new car because they never retrieved the old one from the Grand Canyon trip. At first it was just going to be the kids and her mom because her dad didn't want to come, but at the last minute he came. It took a month to drive all the way to Welch, West Virgina. This was the first time the kids had met their other grandparents. They were going to stay with them till they found their own place to live. The kids didn't like their grandparents at all, they thought they were mean and weird. At school Jeannette was bullied and put in special ed classes because she couldn't understand the accents. Life in Welch was way less then perfect. Soon after they had come, their parents were going to go back to Phoenix to retrieve a couple of things that couldn't bring the first time. While they were gone the grandma had tried to touch Brian in a inappropriate way and when Jeannette and Lori stood up for him and told their grandma she was a "pervert" they were confided to the basement till their parents got home. When they got home their parents didn't believe the kids and they moved out as soon as the could to this shack. They had plans to tear the house down and build the Glass Castle , but their dad never followed up on the plans.

Info on Author:

Jeannette Walls was born in Phoenix, Arizona. She went to college at Barnard College in New York. She wrote the book The Glass Castle in 2005, which is soon to be a movie made by Paramount. She is married to John Taylor, who is also a writer. She is now focusing on writing novels.

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