Sunday, September 30, 2007

Memior Week 2

10 loaded words:
pg. 69- hungry- this word is loaded because when there dad loses his job they don't have any money for food.
pg. 73 teacher- this word is loaded because there mom gets a job as a teacher and hates it because her mother wanted her to be that.
pg. 78 money- this word is loaded because money has always been scare and a big problem with there family
pg. 81 home- this word is loaded because they never really have a home, because they are always on the road moving place to place.
g. 83 delinquent- his word is loaded because Jeannette's mother uses this word for the boy she has been playing with who was involved in bad things.
pg. 83 drunk- this word is loaded because Jeannette's father is a drunk and their family is affected when he drinks, by either running out of money or violence.
pg. 87 rape- this word is loaded because when Jeannette and Billy are playing hide and seek he started kissing her and she didn't want him to. Then he went around and said he raped her.
pg. 88 pistol- this word is loaded because when Billy goes to Jeannette's house and starts shooting them with a BB gun, her sister brings out a gun and starts shooting at Billy but misses and they get in huge trouble.
pg. 92 dead- this word is loaded because after they leave Battle Mountain they are going to their grandma's house and they find out their grandma is dead and know had told them.
pg. 93 inherited- this word is loaded because when they reach Phoenix they received a house and money from their grandmas will.
The have been living in Battle Mountain for about a year now, the longest ever living in a place. Parents have been getting into violent fights, usually after their dad had been drinking. Also they go to this hot spring called "The Hot Pot" where Jeannette learns to swim from her dad. Soon after he loses his job and uses their only money to buy booze and to try to find gold. Her mom had to get a job as a teacher at the school, she used the same values in the classroom as she did at home. She got in trouble for that and almost lost her job, then Lori started to help her by helping her with her lesson plans, correct papers etc. A new kid moves into town named Billy, and he wants to be Jeannette's girlfriend but she won't let him. He trys to sway her by kissing her and giving her presents but nothing works. Also he makes fun of her dad by calling him a drunk. One day Billy came over to Jeannette's with a BB gun and started shooting her. Then Lori got her dad's pistol and shot Billy but missed him. He got scared and ran away. They got in trouble with the police and were to appear in court in the next day, but they left at night and went to Phoenix to live in their late grandma's house.
I think that their mom should leave their dad because he is so screwed up because he drinks all the time and can't provide for them anymore. He just makes their life worse, and doesn't listen to anyone. Also I don't think they should have left and runaway from their problems, they should face them. They are showing examples for the kids that is just ok to run away from everything and not face your consequences.

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