Sunday, October 7, 2007

Memior Week 3 Part 2

So far in the book the strengths are she describes it so well that you feel like your sitting with her going through all of the same experiences. She makes everything seem so unbelievably real, even though you can't imagine going through your childhood like that. She also makes it flow really well, and has good transitions. Some weaknesses of the book is she doesn't include any dates, so you are sometimes confused on how old she is or what year it is. She once in a while mentions her age but you never have a good idea when she is born or what years this book is taking place in. Some of the issues going on in the book are a little disturbing. When she is living in Phoenix and a man walks into the house in the middle of the night and starts touching Jeannette inappropriately is disgusting. Her parents don't believe in locking doors or shutting windows at night. Also when she is living with her grandparents and her grandma touches her brother inappropriately and her own parents don't believe her. I think she and her siblings should call a foster care place to be put into because her own parents cannot take care of themselves let alone their kids. They are ruining their lives an destroying their futures. I predict once the kids get older around 16 they are going to run away and try to find work and live on their own.

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