Monday, October 29, 2007

Sea Inside Post 3

In the movie The Sea Inside the director uses a variety of camera angles to set many different moods throughout it. In particular when they were trying to set the scene at the beginning they used an extra long shot and a truck shot to show the mountains and the sea to show where the movie was going to take place. Also a memorable scene is when you first meet Ramon they want to show his condition they first start at doing a close up shot of his when its shaking and the only thing moving on his body. Then the do a truck shot down to his where they do an extra close up shot of this hand and to show he has no movement in it. I also found in the movie they would do close up shots when a person's reactions were important. Finally the last scene that is memorable to me is when they do an extra long shot of the sea at the end to show Ramon's love for it and that's where his accident and everything started.

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