Monday, October 8, 2007

The Diving Bell and the Butterfly Reflection

After I finished reading the The Diving Bell and the Butterfly I felt a little puzzled. I felt like I missed and didn't understand the point or the message of the book. I was confused on what I was supposed to get out of reading this book. I seemed to understand the concept of his dreams and his tangents about life, but they seemed like they were randomly put together in a book.All these different memories and things he wish he could do all put together in one, with no continually flow. I understood that he would sometimes compare life with the disease and before he had the disease. He seemed to share an experience about what had happened that day and then would dream about a similar one before he had the disease. But there were parts of the book I liked, especially when he would describe things. He would spend time to describe these ordinary objects and make you look at them in a new way. Also he would compare and use very good metaphors for describing things. For example when he is watching TV and is he describing it as watching a fire, its mesmerizing and you can't stop looking at it. Those were the parts of the book I could relate to and enjoyed reading. Also just the fact he wrote the entire memoir by blinking his left eye, makes this a huge deal. It's a very well written book and interesting to read about his condition that we never now whats going inside their heads. This is one of the first opportunities where we get to see what is going on, and do they think the same way they did before the disease or condition. As in overall book I thought it had its good points and its bad points, but it was very interesting to read and enjoyed it.

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