Sunday, October 14, 2007

Memior Week 4 Part 2

They decided they are going to stay in Welch, they have to find a place to live. They are having trouble because they have no money. They finally find a match for them, but it is very rustic and has no indoor plumbing. The kids are little heist about this and want to go back to Phoniex. They set a place on their property to build the Glass Castle, they stated digging the foundation but their father never helped or talked about it. The kids were trying to spurce the place up by painting the outside of the house. Her parents didn't accept charity, even though at times it would have helped. One of Jeannette's friends in her class invited her over to talk about when she lived in California and her mom always wanted to go there, and her mom was the town "whore". She was very interested in life in California, and while they were talking Jeannette forgot that she was even a whore. There was way more fighting between everyone in Welch. They would get in fights because they were different or they called there dad a drunk. One Saturday Brian and Jeannette were inside reading when one of their windows was shattered by a rock and someone called "Garbage, Garbage" to them. Brian went outside and got hit in the head by a rock. Soon they got revenge when the came back. Reading became one of Jeannette's hobbies to do after school. She loved The Grapes of Wrath and The Lord of the Flies. One night her dad came home, and needed stiches and made Jeannette do them for him, and they did them together. Food soon enough became scare again. They were barely eating and being made fun one again for how skinny there were. In the winter they had a fire sometimes but froze to death most nights. The good thing about the winter was didnt have to wash clothes as often. One day Jeannette went to her friends house to work on a project and they had a very nice house, a furance. Jeannette had never seen one of those before. Jeannette's grandmother died later that winter, and everyone was kind of relived since what she did Brian. Her dad dispperead for a while after her death and Jeannette had to go out looking for him and found him in cheap bar drunk. Her grandpa's house caught on fire so her uncle and her grandpa moved into an apartment with a working bathroom which was exciting for their famiy. But once when Jeannette was sitting on the couch next to her uncle his hand kept creeping up her thiegh and she kept knocking his hand off but he would keep doing it. While he would do this he unzipped his pants too. After that Jeannette refused to go to Grandpa's. One day when they were playing in their yard they found a diamond ring and were going to sell but their mom wanted to keep it for herself even though they didn't have any food. When Jeannette was talking to her mom and told her to leave her dad, and then she can recieve money from the governemnt but her mom would never think of doing that. Jeannette once went to the pool wither her friend Dinitia who is african american and they had so much fun but they never hung out again because of their racail differences.

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lauren english blog said...

Hannah, you did a good job of describing what was going on and giving good details. The only thing that confused me was when you started your blog out by saying "they" wanted to stay in welch, i didnt know who you were referring to at first. But otherwise good job!