Monday, October 29, 2007

Sea Inside Post 1

My general reaction to the film it was a very interesting film. I really enjoyed it because it had a good story line to it, and it really happened so you could relate to it. Ramon in the film wanted to get permission for someone to kill because he cannot do it himself because he is a quadriplegic. He is trying to get the court to approve his case, so then the person who helps him doesn't go to jail for murder. I think in his case he really wanted to die, he was a quadriplegic and couldn't do anything by himself. He would sit in bed day after day and do nothing. He felt like his life was pretty much over and he was waiting to die. I think if someone under his circumstances should have the right to die. He has a qualified reason and should have the right to do so. I think his friends were just supporting his decision even though they it was very hard for them to say goodbye. They were just trying to help end the pain of their dear friend.

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