Thursday, November 29, 2007

Debate Blog

-They usually occur on Television
-It serves a purpose to help people decide who to vote for, and look at qualities they like in a potential leader.
-It does help arrive at a better descion to help those choose their political leaders.
-This debate is structured, which helps the descion making process because it puts time limits and gives topics to dicuss. It helps give equal opportuites to each side.

-They occur in school during a classroom
-It serves a purpose to help students learn the basics of debate and to help students learn both sides to an argument.
-It doesn't really help arrive at a decision because they aren't meant to see who's right and wrong, its just to learn how to do it.
-This debate is structured, because it lets everyone have a chance to talk and doesn't let one person dominate it.

-They can occur in person, on the phone, instant message, text message, etc.
-It serves a purpose to settle an argument and to have people express their feelings towards something.
-It does help arrive at a decision or comparison because it helps both people express their feelings and ideas and helps everyone understand.
-This debate is unstructured, this affects the decision making process by having it slow down. It also gives people to talk whenever they want, and doesn't set time limits.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Outside Reading 2 Post B

So far in the story she has described the scene and her family history, which is very important to understand how her family has the wealth and their nobility. In this next section she starts talking about her early childhood, and how her parents treated her among her other siblings and some of her parent’s bad habits. In the book she describes her father putting himself in danger with these car races that he does while he’s drinking He suffered many accidents and they got worse and worse. His final accident was almost deadly when his car did 3 somersaults and he went through the sunroof. He suffered a fractured skull, broken ribs, and a broken nose. I think he is putting himself in danger and doesn’t care and isn’t thinking of his family. He isn’t thinking of what would happen to his family if he were to die, and doesn’t care that he is putting his family through. At the age of 8 she and her sister Emma go to the boarding school named Hanford. It was nice to have each there, while they were away from their parents at such a young age. Her parents were preoccupied with other things so they would send their children to boarding school. Her father was always off in Wales doing work, and even forgot her birthday one year while she was at boarding school. Her mother kept having more children, and was preoccupied with them. Also one of the kids had some health problems and was in the hospital for a few months. I think her parents don’t care of all of their children and are neglected. They send away their children so they don’t have to deal with them and their needs. So far I’m getting the idea her life may have seen liked a fairy tale, but in reality was not.

Outside Reading 2 Post A


southpaw: it is a left handed person(55)

untrammelled: limited, not confined. (55)

Figurative Language Examples:
"The coastline there is made up of coves and caves and limestone cliffs pierced by swallow holes that boom like gigantic didgeridoos when the surf hits them at high tide."(48)
This is an example of a simile, because it uses the word like to compare two different things.

"And if I am a black lamb then you are a black ram."(58)
This is an example of personification because it is describing a human as an animal.

"Laura was still lying like a shrivelled leaf in a Cardiff hospital."(98)
This is an example of a simile because it uses the word like to describe two unlike objects.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Outside Reading 1 Post B

Thoughtful Response:
So far in the book A Charmed Life it’s about a girl named Liza Campbell who was the last child born in the Cawdor Castle in Scotland. It starts out in present day where Liza is living on Sumba, an island in Indonesia with her husband and two children. She receives notification that her father died three days earlier. She was in a remote area so she didn’t receive it till the day of the funeral, so she was unable to make it. She did however go to visit his grave and go back to revisit Cawdor, the castle where she grew up. While she is up there she remembers the last time she saw her father. On pages 28-31 it describes the memory of her going to say goodbye to her father before she moved to Indonesia and how he treated her with no respect, and she and her siblings were doing all of this work for him. The couple of days she was there he was either drunk or in a terrible mood. When she announces she was leaving she says one final thing to her father “I love you with all of my heart, Pa.”(31) I think her father should be grateful that he is living and successful because of his family’s history and should appreciate it more. He is been handed a great hand of cards because he owns tons of land and castles. He treats his family with no respect and is always in a bad mood. Even though there last encounter together wasn’t extremely positive, he does leave her a voicemail after she leaves to tell her he misses her and wishes she could have stayed longer(32).

Outside Reading 1 Part A

sarong:noun: it is a garment or piece of clothing that wraps around the waist(14)
umpteen:adjective: many, large amount(47)

Significant Quote:
"I realized, suddenly that after the initial physical impact of overwhelming grief, a tiny spark of ambivalence had guttered into life. Part of me felt vertiginous from loss; but part of me felt thankful that this intimidating central figure in my life was gone."(25)

This quote is describing Liza's reaction of the death of her father. She's having mixed emotions about his death. First of all shes sad and mourning his death because no matter what he does to you he's her father. But then she is having feelings now that she is cut off from him and she can forget what he did to her and move on in her life.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Outside Reading Blog

A Charmed Life Growing Up in Macbeth's Castle
By: Liza Campbell
Published in: 2006
321 pages
"Once upon a time Scotland, it must have been unimaginable that feuds and obsessive cattle rustling would one day be seen as finite cultural tics. Treachery, clan warfare and shifting allegiances were like oats and whisky to the populace."(33)
I chose this book because when i read the insert in the cover it looked interesting and had a lot of things that seemed to spark my mind and wanted to read more about it. It is like a real "fairy tale" told from someone inside of the castle. That story line appealed to me.