Monday, October 29, 2007

Sea Inside Post 2

The movie The Sea Inside and the book The Diving Bell and the Butterfly both were very similar and different. For similarties both involved a man who was a quadrelpgic trying to figure out if live was worth living anymore. They both are in life altering positions and have new lifestyles. Also after both have been put in this siutation they write books and try to put something out there to be remembered for. For Ramon in the Sea Inside he writes a book of poems he has written for over the course of a couple years. For Jean in The Diving Bell and the Butterfly he writes his book about what's its like to have locked in syndrome. Also both are different Jean also has locked in syndrome which means he cannot talk or move his body, but his mind is in perfect working order. His only means of communication is his left eyelid. He doesn't really dicuss suicude he just hates having not having control over anything and can't do anything by himself. Ramon is a quadreplgic who is in this state he hates. He wants to die so he doesn't have to suffer and take the burden off his family. He hires a lawyer to help him win his case but he doesn not. He creates a plan to have his friends one by one help him so noone can be traced. I think they are both powerful, but the movie seemed to have more of an impact because I understood the idea better. You could visually see him dying unlike the book which was harder to visual.

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