Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Memior Week 1

The Glass Castle by Jeanette Walls.
It starts out in present day in New York City, Jeanette was sitting in a taxi on her way home from work and she sees her homeless mother on the streets. She contacts her mother through a friend and asks her to have lunch. She goes out to lunch and wants to help her but her mother refuses saying she likes the way she lives she always has.
In the first couple of chapters of the book its describing her childhood on the move from place to place. Her first real memory is when she 3 and cooking hot dogs and catches on fire from the stove and is rushed to the hospital, even though her parents are against them. She is lucky to have survived and was there for 6 weeks. Her family is always on the move because they don't pay bills and taxes and the collectors are always after them, so they never stayed in each place too long. She has two siblings Lori who is older and Brain who is younger. In each place they would go her father would get sort of an odd jobs in small towns, and they would stay there until he would get fired or get in trouble again. Also her father was a big drinker, when he drank a lot he would get very violent and angry. He would threat his wife a lot and abuse her sometimes. One of the only things that gave the kids hope was their dream about building a glass castle in the middle of the desert and living there. We also find out that before Lori was born there was a child who was born named Mary Charlene, but she died at a very young age and nobody liked to talk about her. Then when Jeanette was in about 1st grade her mother had another child named Lily Ruth Maureen, but they called her Maureen. Soon after Maureen was born they moved to a city called Battle Mountain, where they lived in abandoned railroad depot. She was in 2nd grade and going to school. In some places they didn't have school so her parents would home school them. Her father got a job as an electrician in this town. In the house they would do many different things including collecting different types of rocks and would look for gold. Also the loved going to dump to look for all sorts of things and would bring them home and do experiments.
My thoughts so far on the book are how the parents actually treat their kids, they barley feed them sometimes, give them no rules or values to live off of and show no good examples whats so ever. Also her mother just sits back and doesn't speak her mind about anything. She goes along with her husband even though she knows he's crazy.

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