Sunday, December 23, 2007

Outside Reading 5 Post B

In this section of the book her father is having yet another problem, and having trouble with his money. He was having trouble managing it, and spending it unwisely. One of the main issues that this arose from was that when he received the property Cawdor, he didn’t know how to manage its expenses, and was a huge amount of responsibility he wasn’t ready for. A solution that helped their money troubles was that they opened parts of the castle Cawdor to the public, and had daily tours in the castle. This was covering the expenses for the castle. Many new things were added to the castle so when people were visiting the castle was still secured. They put in many new cameras, and put signs around the property to explain certain parts of the property. This all happened while Liza was still at boarding school, but her parents kept her informed during this whole process and when she got home she got to experience it herself. While she was in Cawdor during her breaks when the tours were open people would always ask her questions, and was forced to wear traditional Scottish outfits during her stay. In the summers they weren’t at Cawdor very much because they were traveling a lot so they didn’t have to deal with the tourists. They would attend these lavish parties, and they Liza would wear ball gowns and have to use dance cards. Liza wasn’t that fond of these types of parties but still danced with as many boys as she could to please her parents.

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