Monday, December 3, 2007

Outside Reading 3 Post B

Personal Reaction:
In this section on the book she talks about family vacations her family use to take to visit her grandparents when they are still living. This memory was on the more memorable and better memories. The whole family was together and they would get all packed in the car together, and play road kill counting games (106). She described her visits to her grandparents, where their nursery contained toys that her father had played with. She described her grandfather Jack as not the typical grandpa. When you think of grandpa’s you think of going fishing, playing together, and sharing meals together. Jack didn’t like to talk and learn about his grandchildren, the only time he ever said something to them was when they were doing something wrong. He was Scottish so he was always a kilt, with showy socks and a tweed jacket. (111) While she and her sister were at boarding school they received the surprising news that their grandfather died of a heart attack. They found out her father had become the next Thane in the Cawdor estate and they flew home for the funeral. They were home for the first time in a while, since the holidays. There were all sorts of relatives there, ones that had seen before or in a while. She had looked upon her father dealing with this grief in a different now that she was older saying that it must had been hard for him to receive this new title and dealing with his own father’s death.(126) This is what lead to the drinking problem, and of her father’s own personal problems that he unfortunately took out on his family sometimes. This was a hard time for their family, and this is where the start of her father’s problems began.

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