Sunday, December 9, 2007

Outside Reading 4 Post B

Personal Reaction:During this section of reading they were a couple of quotes that really caught my attention and makes me think more about this topic even though today you wouldn’t think it exists. “My father, for instance, always arranged to fly separately from Colin, but not from us. I vaguely understood that Colin was the ‘heir’, but it was wholly abstract concept.”(180) This quote from the book is referencing about how she and her sisters could not become a Thane of Cawdor and that their births were almost not that important in terms of nobility. The first born male was the one who was to become the next Thane, and the families would keep having children till they had a boy. There was another quote she talks about her fathers will. “A small nest egg had been set aside for the three girls, which went towards our education and a future roof over our heads, but otherwise we were excluded from his will.”(182) This is showing woman leaving in a patriarchal society, which we don’t see today, but still exists within some countries royalty. They don’t even get an equal amount of their father’s will because they are girls. It seems unfair, and women are not lower than men in any way. Her father would talk to her about marrying a man of status and money, and that would be considered a successful life for her. She never did listen to her father about that, even at a young age she knew she could do better and he was wrong. So in this section woman’s rights are implied and it shows the life of woman and how they are treated in a royal family.

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