Sunday, November 18, 2007

Outside Reading 1 Post B

Thoughtful Response:
So far in the book A Charmed Life it’s about a girl named Liza Campbell who was the last child born in the Cawdor Castle in Scotland. It starts out in present day where Liza is living on Sumba, an island in Indonesia with her husband and two children. She receives notification that her father died three days earlier. She was in a remote area so she didn’t receive it till the day of the funeral, so she was unable to make it. She did however go to visit his grave and go back to revisit Cawdor, the castle where she grew up. While she is up there she remembers the last time she saw her father. On pages 28-31 it describes the memory of her going to say goodbye to her father before she moved to Indonesia and how he treated her with no respect, and she and her siblings were doing all of this work for him. The couple of days she was there he was either drunk or in a terrible mood. When she announces she was leaving she says one final thing to her father “I love you with all of my heart, Pa.”(31) I think her father should be grateful that he is living and successful because of his family’s history and should appreciate it more. He is been handed a great hand of cards because he owns tons of land and castles. He treats his family with no respect and is always in a bad mood. Even though there last encounter together wasn’t extremely positive, he does leave her a voicemail after she leaves to tell her he misses her and wishes she could have stayed longer(32).

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