Sunday, November 18, 2007

Outside Reading 1 Part A

sarong:noun: it is a garment or piece of clothing that wraps around the waist(14)
umpteen:adjective: many, large amount(47)

Significant Quote:
"I realized, suddenly that after the initial physical impact of overwhelming grief, a tiny spark of ambivalence had guttered into life. Part of me felt vertiginous from loss; but part of me felt thankful that this intimidating central figure in my life was gone."(25)

This quote is describing Liza's reaction of the death of her father. She's having mixed emotions about his death. First of all shes sad and mourning his death because no matter what he does to you he's her father. But then she is having feelings now that she is cut off from him and she can forget what he did to her and move on in her life.

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