Thursday, November 29, 2007

Debate Blog

-They usually occur on Television
-It serves a purpose to help people decide who to vote for, and look at qualities they like in a potential leader.
-It does help arrive at a better descion to help those choose their political leaders.
-This debate is structured, which helps the descion making process because it puts time limits and gives topics to dicuss. It helps give equal opportuites to each side.

-They occur in school during a classroom
-It serves a purpose to help students learn the basics of debate and to help students learn both sides to an argument.
-It doesn't really help arrive at a decision because they aren't meant to see who's right and wrong, its just to learn how to do it.
-This debate is structured, because it lets everyone have a chance to talk and doesn't let one person dominate it.

-They can occur in person, on the phone, instant message, text message, etc.
-It serves a purpose to settle an argument and to have people express their feelings towards something.
-It does help arrive at a decision or comparison because it helps both people express their feelings and ideas and helps everyone understand.
-This debate is unstructured, this affects the decision making process by having it slow down. It also gives people to talk whenever they want, and doesn't set time limits.

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