Saturday, January 5, 2008

Outside Reading 7 Post B

Personal Reaction:
This final section of the book wrapped up her feelings about her father, and said that even though he had his flaws, he also had his good qualities as well. Overall this book in my opinion was kind of dull, and very repetitive. She talked endlessly about her hate towards her father, and is having a hard time letting go of her terrible childhood. Then she would go into these boring sections about her family tree which dated back into the 1200’s which was very confusing at parts and very complicated. Although in the end she talks about how she moved on from her life at Cawdor, and found a new life away from it all. She realized she could sort of start her life over in a way, and start her own family. Her father’s life ends which you would expect would make her feel relieved, but they never really cleared ends, or forgive and forget. When she found out her father had died it was days after his death because she had been living with her family in a remote island in Kenya. So she missed her own father’s funeral, and goes to visit and finds out her father left everything to his new wife, and leaves a fountain pen to each of his daughters and one house to his only son. So as I said before overall the book was kind of dull, and complicated but had some good messages that everyone could relate to in their own life.

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