Saturday, January 5, 2008

Outside Reading 6 Post B

Personal Reaction:
This section was very similar to the other sections in this book. It talks extensively about her father’s abuse of alcohol, and his mistreatment of his family. I have found this book to be very repetitive and focusing just on her father, and expressing her anger towards him over and over again. Although she did talk about her school in this section she talks a little bit more about it. Her parents weren’t really involved in her education, but she was very successful and graduated a year early, but was very uncertain of her future. During those years her mother finally gathered enough courage to leave her husband, and his problems behind. Liza was relieved that her mother and her family was now safe, and they could partially move on from in their lives. Also they learned much more about their father, and his affairs he had while he was married to her mother. Now these “affairs” didn’t have to be private because he was no longer married. He had a couple of women which he rotated and of course didn’t know about each other, which was typical of her father. But finally he settled down again and remarried one of the affairs and her name was Angelika. The most difficult thing about the separation of her parents was holidays and splitting them up between her parents. Her father made things difficult once again her in life, but fighting over that would spend Christmas Eve with him, or Christmas Day. Her father once again was making her life difficult, and couldn’t seem to spend one minute thinking about his family rather than himself.

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